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The Church of St. Peter
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All Saints Day and All Souls Day What are All Saints Day and All Souls Day? 
Beliefs Does the Nicene Creed say we are catholics? 
Beliefs Mary - A Woman for All Christians 
Beliefs Scripture Tradition and Reason 
Beliefs What is Anglo Catholicism? 
Blessing of the Animals Blessing of the Animals 
Christmas Advent Wreath 
Christmas Legends, Traditions and Customs of the Christmas Season 
Confirmation Am I Ready for Confirmation? 
Corpus Christi What is the feast of Corpus Christi? 
Customs and Symbols A Guide to the Worship 
Customs and Symbols Anointing for Healing 
Customs and Symbols Banner of St. Peter 
Customs and Symbols Do I say Minister or Priest? 
Customs and Symbols History and Symbolism of Church Buildings 
Customs and Symbols How does the priest go about choosing our Sunday Scripture readings week by week? 
Customs and Symbols Icons 
Customs and Symbols Incense 
Customs and Symbols In some churches, why is the altar fixed to the sanctuary wall so that during the Eucharist the priest stands in front of the altar with his/her back to the congregation? 
Customs and Symbols Sign of the Cross 
Customs and Symbols Vestments 
Customs and Symbols Why Do We Bow or Genuflect? 
Customs and Symbols Why do we make three small signs of the cross on the forehead, lips and heart before the reading of the Gospel? 
Easter Easter's Three Great Days 
History Anglican History 
Lectio Divina What is Lectio Divina? 
Lent Lent - The Journey to the Mystery of Easter 
Mothering Sunday What is Mothering Sunday? 
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