Renting the Church Hall

The Church of St. Peter
  • Accommodates 100 people
  • Includes lounge area with couches and chairs (ideal for smaller groups)
  • Fully equipped kitchen includes 2 stoves/ovens, microwave, multiple sinks, cutlery, dishes, pots and pans, banquet-sized kettles, 45-cup coffee maker
  • Banquet tables and chairs
  • Dividers for facilitating break-out groups
  • Flip chart and dry erase board
  • Washrooms
  • Large, free parking lot
General Hall Bookings
Half Day (1-4 hours): $150
Full Day (4-8 hours): $300
Weekly Use: please contact us (e-mail)
Members of the Church of St. Peter
A member of St. Peter’s Church is defined as those who participate in the ongoing worship and work of the parish. The member must be in attendance at the event and be one of the signatories.
Parishioner personal use: please contact us (e-mail)
Damage Deposit
$200. Please make this a separate cheque - it will be returned to applicants following site and grounds inspection.
Hall Condition and Use
Applicants must clean and tidy all areas used during events and leave the Hall in the condition it was prior to its use. If Hall cutlery and dishes are to be used they must be properly cleaned and put away.
A Certificate of Insurance must be provided by applicants or can be purchased online in advance through AON.
Approximate insurance premium for one-time events is $34 to $48 if no alcohol is served or $169 to $257 if alcohol is served.
Liquor Licenses and Alcohol Consumption
All groups serving alcohol must have the appropriate Liquor License obtained from the LCBO prior to the event and displayed in a prominent place. Consumption of liquor outside of the Hall is strictly prohibited. All Applicants will follow LCBO laws, rules and legislation and show responsibility in the serving and consumption of alcohol.
How to Book

Contact Yvonne Smith, Churchwarden (e-mail) or
Phone the church: 905-728-8080

Marriage Ceremonies
Charitable Donation to Church = $150
Clergy Honorarium = $150
Sexton (Facilities Manager) = $25
Organist = $100
Flowers (optional) = $75
Order of Service (optional) = $50 plus printing cost

How to Arrange Marriage Ceremonies
Contact The Rev. James Blackmore (
Phone: 905-728-8080