The Church of St. Peter

A Safe Place
Since the earliest days of the church, we have come together to worship and live out our faith. We continue in that tradition today. As a people of faith we reach out to those in need. We counsel, we help, we teach. Each of us brings unique gifts to share.

At the core of this spiritual helping is a sacred trust, which must be protected and never misused. We desire that our church be a clear symbol of the Kingdom of God - a safe and holy place for all whom our ministry touches. We must do everything we can to protect the children and other vulnerable people in our care. This is an essential element of our call to service.

Screening in Faith
Our church has a program called Screening in Faith. The overall aim of this policy is to ensure a safe environment in every parish ministry and activity. We must, morally, legally and spiritually, do all we can to make sure our church, its clergy, paid and lay workers, and the participants in our church-sponsored activities are as safe as is possible.

The Screening in Faith Policy establishes standards for the screening of staff and volunteers in order to protect children and vulnerable adults. All clergy, staff and volunteers who come into contact with vulnerable people must be screened in a manner appropriate to the ministry or job being undertaken. Screening is designed to exclude any who are unsuitable or likely to offend.
Ministry Position Descriptions
St. Peter's position descriptions detail the position requirements and duties and identifies the risk level.
Program Details
St. Peter's follows the program details as provided by The Diocese of Toronto. The Screening is Faith program is part of the Diocese's Sexual Misconduct Policy.