Society of Mary

The Church of St. Peter

The Society of Mary began in 1931 as the combination of two other Anglican societies: The Confraternity of Our Lady (formed 1880) and the League of Our Lady (formed 1902). The Society of Mary has had a presence in the Diocese of Toronto for generations and at St. Peter’s since the late 1990’s. In recent years the Society at St. Peter's has been somewhat inactive. We’d like to change that by reviving our “cell” or branch of the Canadian Society which in turn is associated with the Society of Mary in Great Britain.

What Is the Society of Mary?

The Society of Mary has members all over the world and is open to all people and is not restricted to Anglicans alone.

The Society promotes the different aspects of devotion to Mary. We honour Mary as God honoured her as “blessed above all women” in choosing her to be the Mother of Our Lord. Mary was with Jesus from his conception, birth, youth, ministry, suffering, death and new life in the Church at his resurrection and at Pentecost.

She has something to teach the Church!

We endeavour to foster a better understanding of the place of Mary in our Christian life as a model of courage and faithful response to God’s call to us.

We seek to reflect and explore the life, witness and role of Mary within our Christian faith and Anglican Tradition, as well as within other expressions of the Christian faith. As such, members of the Society of Mary see the veneration of the Blessed Virgin as one way in which the cause of Christian unity may be advanced.

What does the Society of Mary do?

The Society is a “devotional” group whose primary purpose is prayer and worship. Our mandate states “The Society is dedicated to the glory of God and in honour of the Holy Incarnation under the invocation of Our Lady, Help of Christians.”

With Mary as our model we come together:
  • To reflect (Luke 2:19), to proclaim the greatness of the Lord (Luke 1:46), to pray (Acts 1:14); 
  • To respond to God’s call, as Mary did, to service in the Church and in the world (Luke 1:38); 
  • To follow Mary’s instruction, “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5). 

By following Mary’s example, and aided by her prayers, the Society of Mary seeks to promote a deeper life with Christ.

From time to time we:
  • Gather for prayer and devotions especially on feast days of The Virgin Mary, e.g. The Holy Eucharist, Offices of Our Lady, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, the rosary; 
  • Have guest speakers and presentations; 
  • Day trips and outings e.g. joining other Wards of the Society’s celebrations, to other churches, the May Festival; 
  • Social celebrations and fellowship often accompany our meetings. 

Thinking of becoming a Member of the Society of Mary or would like more information?

Please contact:

Society of Mary at St. Peter’s Church, Oshawa
Dean Rose (e-mail)
Church Phone 905-728-8080; Home Phone 905-725-1201

Our Lady of Hope Ward
Father Robert Mitchell - Ward Superior - St. Thomas’ Church, Huron St., Toronto. 416-979-2323 ext. 3 or (e-mail

Remember, to join the Society’s activities at St. Peter’s you don’t have to be a member. All are most welcome to join in any celebration, events or social gatherings.

For more information about the Society, please check out these websites: