Who We Are

The Church of St. Peter
1175 Cedar Street

Oshawa, Ontario  L1J 3R8

Telephone: 905-728-8080

Priest in Charge: The Rev. Ted Bartlett


No matter where you've been in life, no matter where you’re going, no matter where you are on your journey with God or do not believe; know that at St. Peter’s 
you are welcome at our church.

We are an inclusive and affirming Anglican church worshipping in the modern Anglo Catholic tradition in the heart of South Oshawa. We are a small church striving to fulfil God’s call to create a community of compassion and care for all people. We encourage questioning, dialogue, exploration and doubt. We know that the mystery of God is too great for any of us to understand fully. Together, through worship, community, work, and reaching out to our neighbours and the world we continue to discover what it means to share in God’s love.

St. Peter's Oshawa is a member of Proud Anglicans

Our Motto
“St. Peter’s Feeds God’s People”

At St. Peter’s we recognize hunger takes on many forms.

There is the hunger for daily bread. Many people in our neighbourhood and the world suffer from food insecurity and economic problems. Through St. Peter’s Pantry Services at our Food Bank and Cooking Club and various outreach services we seek in a small way to ensure people have the human right to adequate food, nutrition and care.

There is the hunger for community and a sense of belonging. At St. Peter’s we strive to break down the barriers in our society and to be an affirming and inclusive parish welcoming people of all races, genders, ages, education, social, economic or mental health status and sexual orientations.

There is a hunger for something bigger than ourselves. We believe that bigger “something” is God. At St. Peter’s we believe our spiritual hunger can be fed through worship, prayer, learning, sharing, and working and celebrating together as we all seek a closer connection with God and each other in a community of faith.

Our worship draws on the best of both the older and modern Anglo Catholic liturgical styles. We are a sacramental church and encourage people to worship God with their whole bodies and all their senses. To this end we enrich our worship with chant, bells, incense, holy water, and a variety signs and symbols to all to the glory of God. Please join us as we explore and celebrate God’s world together!

Why Come to St. Peter’s Anglican Church?

  • To celebrate what it means to be a child of God created in God’s own image and to be loved by God unconditionally. 
  • To discover how our lives and our relationships have meaning. 
  • To see God in the beauty of this world and in the lives of others. 
  • To feel connected to something bigger than yourself. 
  • To discover a sound and ancient wisdom and tradition. 
  • To explore a relevant and modern Christian faith. 
  • To become empowered by God to make a difference in our world. 
  • To know God is love, Jesus is with us and the Spirit upholds us. 

To all who seek truth and meaning,

To all who believe and all who doubt,

To all who are weary and need rest,

To all who are grateful and wish to give thanks,

To all who are lonely and desire friendship,

To all who hunger for God and wish to pray,

To all who are broken and desire healing and forgiveness,

To all who visit here, we welcome you at St. Peter’s Anglican Church!